Thursday, October 22, 2009

Under two weeks!

Dearest Friends and Family,

The blogosphere is an exciting and somewhat scary place, but we are here and excited to provide you with updates on our travels! November 4th is rapidly approaching and we are increasingly excited. We are heading out to Colorado for our last wedding of the season in just a few days, and then it's Lima or bust.

Here is our itinerary:

NOV 4-16 Lima, Peru

NOV 16-27 Santiago, Chile

NOV 27-DEC 15 Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEC 15- DEC 29 Lusaka, Zambia

DEC 29- JAN 13 Nairobi, Kenya

JAN 13- JAN 27 Cairo, Egypt

JAN 27- FEB 10 Istanbul, Turkey

FEB 10- FEB 24 Athens, Greece

FEB 25- MAR 11 Mumbai, India

MAR 11- APR 1 Bangkok, Thailand and Phnom Penh, Cambodia

APR 2- MAY 1 New Zealand

MAY 1: Come home to Minneapolis

We'll be updating this here blog as often as possible. Expect cool pictures, interesting stories, fun facts, and even a few surprises. Also check out every now and then as we will be updating our site with fresh new photos.

That is all for now. Until next time.